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Hey girlfriend!

We are going through a disruptive time and many are worried about income.
Many are running in circles on how to pay their bills.
Many are feeling anxious, fearful, and very emotional.
I get it. I've been there. In the past. For some, it is real-time, messy, and right now.


Are you ready to be open and curious and learn 3 simple mindset shifts that will sustain you in shifting times and move you toward greater abundance and creating wealth? In JUST 30 days with Lisa Christine, and a safe, confidential container of like-minded women, you will experience a change in your wealth and abundance paradigm for the better!

{30} Days---the WAY to Abundance --- 3 Simple Mindset Shifts to Sustain You in Shifting Times is powerful 4-week value-packed learning workshop is designed to help you in creating wealth and abundance.

In this interactive 4 weeks, you will meet other open-minded women and connect as we discover how our own mindset may be blocking our wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Together, as part of a team of other like-minded women, you will work, be your own strategist, laugh and share! We will get rid of those yucky feelings around money and replace fear and doubt with strength and clarity.  Don't you deserve to put this as a priority and start creating a life of ease and grace?


For only $347 ($150 off as a *summer special*), you will get an opportunity to expand your wealth and/or pull yourself out your “financial rut” thinking. She will help you chart your way towards abundance and prosperity in your life.  We would be thrilled to have you join us. Choose the best time for you! Tuesday, June 30th 10:00 am - 11:15 am OR 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm (one time per week). Please go to

I did, shift my mindset and saw how it quickly changed my course and journey.
I want to share what I know with you.  And how these lessons work...

Sometimes, we all need a nudge, a boost, and a shot of positive juice. 

Sometimes, we all just want to connect with others and be inspired.
Hear what is going well for others and celebrate their wins!

Really, it's time for refreshment.
Let's get out of this icky isolation mode.
Let's be curious about how to shift our thoughts.

I'm extending an invitation to you to be part of our next launch of this 4-week program {30} days --- The WAY to Abundance to change it up and get what you want and need financially.

I'm ready to teach.  I want to give to you.  I truly want to help of all women in business and women entrepreneurs. And empower you.. 

I will share 3 secrets to shifting your mindset that will help you right now during this crisis or in helping you to build wealth. That's 30 days to creating MORE MONEY, creating more abundance, and creating wealth!


We will meet for thirty (30) days from Tuesday, June 30th through Tuesday, July 21.  We will meet online at the convenience of zoom. YOU choose the time that works for you! 


I will see all of your beautiful faces once a week for an interactive 75 minute session. We will share our successes and celebrations with each other. Each session is recorded so if you miss it, you can have access to the playback. This is a workshop designed to ignite your money and income and provide an introduction to our Power Play Circles that women love!

I guarantee you, if you apply what you learn, things will shift for you financially.

You will know what you want and get what you want.
You will get what you deserve.
You will get what you need.
You will have happiness.
You will have clarity.

I am here to serve.

As a bonus, I will offer the first 5 people who sign up a complimentary 30 minute clarity coaching call with me.

Invite a friend if you wish so we can spend our time together shifting and allowing the joy to show up in our personal lives and business.  We will connect, learn, and grow together.  And I will present a special invitation at the end. And in giving back, I will donate 10% of the net revenue from this event to the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center to continue to help end domestic violence in our community.


All of this for only $347. (NORMALLY, $497)

Please join us! My path was definitely supposed to cross yours. 

How can I help you? 
Let's have a conversation.
A real one.

Let's stay closely bonded during this time. 



With love,

Lisa Christine

Lifestyle Catalyst + Leadership Coach, Founder & CEO



Venue - ZOOM

Address - you will be sent ZOOM details the night before!

Starts - Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 10:00am EDT

Ends - Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 11:15am EDT

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