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Power Play

You are at a crossroads, need clarity or want to build confidence,  --- do you jump ship or move toward what you really, really want and desire?

Do you want to get unstuck, get clear, change careers, have more joy, elevate your leadership, or move in a new direction? Imagine changing your mindset, unlocking your potential, and accelerating theh time to reach your goals...


I can help you. This is where 1:1 coaching, the elite Power Play Group Coaching Circles, or a membership in Women In Good Company™️ will help you. Small steps add up to big wins! You don't have to do it alone. Choose a success mentor and a community of like-minded women to walk beside you.

In our initial consultation, we will create powerful goals for the areas of life that matter most to YOU and create an action plan to achieve them. Schedule your complimentary call today.


Sarah Smith,
Wholistic Entrepreneur

Revolution Wellness

"The Power Play Circle has made a huge difference in the direction of my business and I couldn’t be more pleased. With the guidance of Lisa Christine and the support of the other fantastic women in the group, I've gained confidence, leadership skills, and have made it a habit of setting and reaching monthly goals.  All of this resulted in more prospects, clients, and sales. Additionally, I was driven to keep moving forward because this group was a great source for accountability for both business goals and personal growth.


Heading into my second year of business, there would be many times I would feel stuck and confused about which direction I was heading. Being in the Power Play Circle has helped me narrow down my pathway and focus on creating a business that aligns with my personal mission in life. With Lisa's coaching, I've been inspired to break out of the box I had put myself in, redefine my mindset and relationship with money, and move in the direction of my ideal future in business and in life.  I’m excited that I made the commitment and investment in this six-month program!"


"The Power Play Circle has inspired me to do Facebook Live recordings and stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I know that this is where the "magic" happens and have seen an acceleration in both my posture, finances, and business. I had my best month ever during the pandemic ( reaching my monthly goal of $125K in sales), moved into the elite ranks, and recognized within our global community as a rising leader that is dedicated to growing our $232M company to $1B.


I was looking for ways to up level my personal growth and accountability with people who could hold my feet to the fire.  I love getting feedback on relationships and I have gained clarity by doing the work around my personal mission statement and purpose. My personal mission statement helps me to drive my daily choices I make.  My growth in leadership has become more authentic and I am attracting talented influencers to my team.  


Being in the Power Play Circle over these last six months has allowed me to reach goals more easily and move my business and family life forward.  Lisa's coaching and the women's support has been a game-changer for developing clarity and doing the things I would typically be putting last on my to do list.  Invaluable!"



“Lisa not only encouraged us to think big and ask for what we want, she gave us practical tools and ideas to make it happen. With her help, I was able to get clarity and feedback on my plans and ideas, launch a new vertical, and find another business owner to collaborate with that could be a financial “win-win” Invaluable!”



Nikki Raffenetti
Managing Partner


“With Lisa’s help in the Power Play Circle, I’ve been able to set the right goals and achieve them. More than that, she has been instrumental in keeping me motivated, focused and excited through all the ups and downs of building a business.”



Jessica Kaloutas,

LMT, Myofascial Release Therapist,
Wellness Educator, Founder
North Shore Myofascial Release

"The Power Play Circle provided me with a space to talk life and biz with other like-minded women which was something I had been craving as the life of an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. The circle helped inspire me to dream big with my business vision and personal growth. I felt more confident to act with accountability and support of my peers in all areas of my life. Helping me be the best version of myself. Lisa is a wonderful coach and group facilitator! She cheered us on and offered support, ideas, and knowledge along the way.”



Mee Moy,

Financial Services Professional, CLTC, New York Life

“Lisa will tell you making an investment in the Power Play Circle is making an investment in yourself and she’s right. Meeting other like-minded women to bond with, collaborate with, have as accountability partners and as a safe space for support was invaluable. Lisa Christine was great about keeping us focused on our goals, pressing us to make breakthroughs to get to the next level, and ending our scarcity mindset and moving toward one of abundance and acceptance. As we each traveled our paths towards success, Lisa was there alongside us sharing ideas and being vulnerable, sad, or happy.  We cheered each other on and celebrated our successes. I got more out of the Power Play Circle than I thought I would. Thank you, Lisa!”



Chrissy Dolan,

Founder & Executive Chef
Baddass Brands

Lisa Christine is a true motivator and leader! She provides resources and connections that are invaluable to growing your business. Whatever you need, she will find a way to help you get there. She is determined and passionate in helping other women to succeed. Lisa goes above and beyond what most coaches do by giving of herself unselfishly with her heart of gold. Trust me when I say, The Power Play Circle will be life changing for you and your business!!!


Let's Get Started!

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